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July 16, 2021 1 min read

Every LGBTQI+ person on Earth, whether they've been there or not, knows about the infamous community party destination, Fire Island.

Fire Island lies a 30-minute ferry ride from Sayville, Long Island, New York, has been attracting gay men as a safe haven since the mid-20th century.

People who've been say that the party starts on the ferry over.

'Its a magical place' they say, 'A special place where you can forget your worries and leave all prejudices behind.'

fire island gay holiday outfits

Once you're there, you won't see any cars just men in board shorts as far as the eye can see.  The men not wearing swim trunks are in boxers, briefs or jock straps, not a lot is left to the imagination.

Spend a week there, all you'll need is a few pairs of swim trucks, a decorative towel some eco-friendly bamboo boxer briefs, clothing is optional on Fire Island.

jocks straps and cocktails

Attend the three-day free-for-all Pines Party, the theme changes every year, but the energy and spirit remain the same. Past Pines Party themes have included, 'Peter Pan's The Lost Boys' and, 'Under the Sea'.  Dance all night until the sun comes up and then again until noon (with a quick change of your swimmers obviously - Fire Island is all of the underwear fashion.)

gay boxer shorts and boxer shorts

Hire a gorgeous Fire Island Pines Oceanfront home for a cool $1,400/night.  Drink the offical drink of the Island, 'Rocket Fuel', dine of local fresh seafood in your new Mosmann pineapple printed swim trunks and on the ferry ride home start planning for next year on Fire Island, where dreams are born.