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"Creative and cool when it comes to fashion"
Hot hues and bold prints are your go-tos for this season!

"Values comfort, but great looks matter too" 

Mix up classic shape with a minimalistic but cool print and be free as a bird.

"Don't like to be stuck in one signature style "
Refresh your wardrobe with a 3 pack of mixed prints briefs. Be ready for every occasion.

"You're all about the fashion classics"
Embrace the new season with a classic style in a colour that never goes out of date.

"Spontaneous, colourful, and up for a challenge"
You're extra and you know it. Shop all the statement pieces. 

"Gravitates toward trendy pieces that are functional too"
Your sophisticated style fits perfectly to all year favourite pineapple print.

"You look for classic pieces, but always add an extra edge"
You are the master of mixing. Colour-block swim trunks will be your to-go style this season. 

"A master of uniforms and always polished to perfection"
Perfectly fitted silhouette, settle print and on-trend colours are the key details of your style.

"You love new colours and you know how to pair them with style"

On your next beach/pool day, wear colour block trunks with pineapple print.

"Capricorns love comfortable pieces with a twist"
Classic cut and Martini print are fun, functional, and perfectly put-together. 

"You wear what makes you happy"
Your social calendar is full this season and you need a shorts that will take you through all pool parties.

"Gravitate into a fun and boho style pieces"
Keep an eye out for pieces that have a bohemian flair but feel new and fresh.